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wired roundup - april

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Things from this month's wired magazine which caught my eye-

We all have cords like headphones, phone headsets, game controllers that lie around getting tangled. Well, while browsing through wired I saw a clever little solution called the smartwrap headphone cord manager. It's shaped a bit like an infinity sign and has a notch in each end. You slide the plug-end cord into one notch, wrap the cord around it as if you were winding a yoyo, then slip the earbud-end cord into the other notch. It's a rather clever design, I must say, and looks easy to wind and unwind for usage. I wonder if I could wrap my gamecube controller cord around one of these. Cell-phone headsets would also benefit from a bit of detangled storage like this. $5 a pop is a tad bit expensive, though.

The other notable entry that caught my eye in april's wired mag are these mini desk artworks from mikroworld which is cute and cleverly repurposes chemical milling intended for circuit boards.

Lastly is wired's nextfest where $15 gets you admission for a day to see firsthand some of the nifty stuff they report on. The admission fee also gets you a 1 year subscription to wired, which is a pretty good deal. Details: May 14-16th, Fort Mason Center in SF. Speakers will be announced via website on April 15th.

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