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Getting Better Customer Service

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It is inevitable that you'll have to speak to someone's customer service at one point or another. So go and read these tips for getting good customer support which basically include working with the customer service person in a constructive manner and provide them with a concise explanation. One thing I'd like to add is that if something has gone wrong, when you have a "complaint", tell them
- what the problem is with the product you paid for/are using. Keep this concise.
- * What you'd like them to do about this* In other words, what can they do to make you a happy customer? Don't keep them guessing! Sometimes, I just want to give someone a head's up. Other times I want them to reverse the charges. When communicating customer service, know what you want to report with some pertinent details, if the situation is urgent, what you'd like them to fix, and if you're feeling constructive, quickly what you really love about their product.

Lastly, if a customer service person has made you happy and you felt like you were talking to an intelligent human being, always tell them so. Personally, I think the majority of formerly almost-decent customer service reps were yelled at, cursed, hung up on, and left with a nasty taste in their mouth. Telling customer service or a retail person that they did a good job, I believe, provides them with some encouragement that they're doing a good job and not all people want to give them swirlies or other not so pleasant actions. Encourage people to give you good customer service.

Delegation for Grad Students aka Kinkos


The university gives me a reasonable 1,000 page print quota but my relationship with Kinkos is budding into a cautious semi-reliable "family". I imagine this is what overloards say to small companies. Not a partnership but those ambiguous marketing words.

Believe it or not, evidently I surpassed 1,000 pages of printing last quarter of 99.9% legit school material. My teachers like slides and articles. Maybe there was an issue with the print spooler. So, this quarter, when I signed up with Oreilly Safari for a few books and reference materials for my Design Pattern class, I told myself to use Kinkos and I have to tell you, Kinkos has potential to become a Grad Student tool.

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