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Yay, Firefox 2.0!

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{Firefox 2.0 on my MacBook}

Firefox 2.0 is released! and even though a bunch of my extensions aren't compatible, yet, the yummy new features like improved tab browsing, session restore, and inline spell check replace a bunch of the extensions that did the same thing.

It is shiny and staying off my Windows development system until the forum and and Bugzilla indicate that it really really works and won't suck up all my memory.

Thanks for all the wonderful work, Folks in the "Firefox > About Mozilla Firefox > Credits" list ( "Help > About Mozilla Firefox > Credits" on Windows ). The Firefox Team Rocks. Spellcheck, better tabs, session restore Built-in. Yay!

Those of you looking for pictures of yarn, they're coming. The sweater has progressed beyond the sleeves and I'm currently trying to convince the Hemp to "embody the lace" at the correct gauge.

Those of you wondering what's so fantastic about firefox's new release (or software in general)... I web g33k. Go ahead and try it for yourself. If you usually have more than three windows open, you'll be glad of the tabs ( new tab = ctrl+t ) that keeps your browser nicely organized. You can even reorganize tab order by dragging and dropping a tab to the right slot. And inline spekk check? Firefox is underlining the incorrectly spelled spell check, right clicking spekk shows their suggestions: speak and speck (I'm sure it will get better at spotting finger barfs). Fantastic since Movable Type doesn't have a spell check feature like Gmail.

And oh, it is pretty.

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