can you hear me now?


UPDATE: This phone has now been purchased by me for me. Don't buy it! at least not for me.

My phone's mic (the cordless I keep in my room) has died. It's truely a case of Verizon commercial imitation. So, I'd like a new phone for my birthday (if I can hold out that long). The one pictured would be ideal - vtech 2434. I don't need an answering machine, but I would enjoy a good jingle and this phone has polyphonic ring tones and software you can use to download your own. This one is available for $50 from several retailers but I think I've seen it at office supply stores for less/on sale. I found one last year at Costco and Melissa likes her phone, especially when she gets calls and the phone is set to play a James Bond theme song. :) Alas, I haven't seen it since then, but certain people "ahem" don't visit the same costco and may have different stock (should they happen to see it).

I'm not particularly attached to this model but most phones are butt ugly. Panasonic has a cute silver one that stands in the cradle like this one but I think it's more expensive. I've seen it around at Fry's.