oh dear oh dear


As promised. Here's an addition to my gift list. To see all my giftlist items, check the gift list category. I'll try to do a "how much I want this" ranking for y'all soon but this can probably tide you over until then.
Also, does anyone want to volunteer to be my official "gift tracker" so people won't need to worry about duplicates? I think my aunt may give me a knitting related purchase this year and you all will probably need someone to contact. I'm Robin's! Oh oh, and remember. Do NOT tell Char what she is getting. Don't even hint at it. She likes the surprise.
Here's one thing I really want for xmas- Debbie Bliss (Yarn) Club subscription
Ohhh. Debbie Bliss Book seven (not the home accessory version)

Oh and while I'm on the subject of Yarn clubs- the Rowan Club and Elann Newsletter