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build it and they will come


Pixel Blocks - I want some! They look to be a fun desktop toy. You can get the sets at toystores listed on the pixelblocks website or at the puzzlezoo pixelblocks store.



My magnet board is looking bare. It doesn't help that the Pottery Barn teen catalog came in today. My eagle eyes spied Paul Frank Magnets.
They're on ebay! I'd love a set as a birthday gift! And those tiny magnets. Those are cool too. meomi has some extra cute magnets. I won't have room left for the papers!
Now if I could only find my smaller white board pens... (where'd they go?)

magnetic attraction


Three by Three Seattle

These are so cute. Now that I have a magnet board I can get some... or someone could get a pack for me as a birthday gift!

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