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These are books I will hold off on buying but want desperately. This means I hope you will buy them for me and put me out of waiting misery please please?!

Stitch and *itch Nation (rhymes with...)

Book I've heard good things about

I'll keep on filling this list. Gotta jet!


Hi Freecia! I hope you had a good holiday and school is going well. I wanted to let you know that you will be getting a final package from me, but it will be after the December 1st end-date, as I don't have myself together lately! :) I hope that's okay. :)


Yeah, Stitch n Bitch is a really good book. It's sorta really elementary, though. I also have another book called 'The Knitting Directory' which doesn't have any actual patterns in it, but is a pretty good index of different kinds of stitches.

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