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Venus Hum CD's, Songs for Superheroes
You probably haven't heard Venus Hum unless by random chance, you spend a lot of time at Fry's when they're playing the Blue Man Group DVD :) They've got CD's on iTunes, too, so if you need a last minute gift for me, well. There ya go! I don't have any of their iTunes or CD's so you're safe in buying the iTunes or CDs. The website is giving an awesome deal on the CDs, too. Order early for CD, last minute for iTunes. How sweet is that?

Borders 20% off until 12/10
20% off just about everything including books, dvds, and cds. If you don't want to wait for Amazon or want to look the books over before buying, get them before this coupon expires on 12/10. Not just 20% off 1 item. Or use it to buy your xmas cards/calendar.

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Last Minute Knitted Gifts

Another book I'd like for xmas. PLEASE! Or I'll get it myself as soon as I get time and cash ;) Yeah, definitely getting this one. This would be a sure bet.

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