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Swap- Gimmie Your Stuff

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Update: Comments have been closed due to spammers. If you're interested in swapping, please leave a comment in the most recent blog entry and I'll be sure to read it.

Gimmie Your Stuff from this North Californian near San Francisco.

I can offer:
See's Candy. Californian expats, yes, See's Candy.
Ghiradelli Chocolate
Scharffenberger Chocolate
Peet's Coffee
Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Goods
Mexican Hot Cocoa

Yarn and Knitting/Crochet Accessories (6 yarn stores in a 1 hour radius and I work in one of them. Need I really say more?)
English Books & CDs from
Used Books
Computer Magazines & Books (including Make Magazine)
Pens (including inexpensive Fountain Pens)
Thrift store finds.

What I'd like:
Unique snack goods
Yarn (non-Acrylic)
Knitting Goodies
Local Magazines
British Chick Lit
Pens, Mechanical Pencils (esp. Fountain Pens)
Local "Top Singles" on the radio.
Craft Books
(In no particular order)

Open for Swapping. Post a comment to make me an offer.


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