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I haven't left for home yet but I already have nostalgia. The shopping time has been all too brief, so to answer Hollis' question- I didn't get a chance to look for the patterns. They also have a no photo sign in the shop so I didn't really get any photos. Though I will have a section in my photo album that is subtitled- Oops, I can't take photos here.

Over the last few days, we've hit Kyoto and Osaka hard, taking a brief break to sit in an outdoor hot spring watching the snow fall. That's right, snow, in the end of March. In fact, I got to see a few cherry blossom trees (sakura) covered with a bit of snow.

Tomorrow we spend a day in transit and then I will post pictures of almost all the food I ate. Seriously, just about every single meal's many courses were photographed. And you know what? Any pounds and natural dietary enhancements (aka natto and prunes) I ate were worth it. Even the Tofu here is extra tasty.

I have two choco-cro (chocolate croissants) waiting in my hotel room, where my mom is... I need to go eat them before she decides that she isn't as full as she thought. Why are we so full? Well, I had takoyaki (squid balls), then ramen noodles (the fresh kind), and polished that off with a big specialty crab dinner(veeery yummy!). Um, that was dinner. Then I bought two choco-cro as takeout, one for breakfast tomorrow as we leave at 5:30 am for Itami airport to Narita, spend a half day in Narita on a layover (said with half hopefulness of more shopping and half derision), then head home.


Somewhat Thwarted

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Hm. Well, I made it out of a YARN STORE in JAPAN ... WITHOUT BUYING YARN. The agony. I just didn't see much I felt was worth taking home, alas. However, I did buy a bunch of needles because they're different sizes from the ones in US and UK.

So, of the things I wanted to see
+ choco cro for Chocolate Croissant. Ohhh Yum, as good as I remember it.
+ okadaya for yarn. Note, there are two okadayas in the same building area. This is pretty common in Tokyo, having stores split into different buildings in the same area. If you want yarn a) 5th floor of the taller building, the one with beads in the bottom, not the FIVE floor cloth store. b) Bringing a sample of yarn helps when you don't know how to say yarn in Japanese.
- Daiso 100 yen store. Darn. I missed it.
- Tokyu Hands, missed it once again. So sad.
+/- Muji - I made it to the one in Narita but not the mecca Muji in Tokyo.
+ Itoya the 7 floor stationary store- I got your hole punch Melissa! But alas, I didn't find much I wanted to lug home myself. Yesterday was a bit hurried.
+ Yodobashi camera- Didn't find a case that fit my camera exactly. However, I didn't see any point and shoot Nikon's there, either.

Which leaves me wondering at 7 am in Tokyo, what oh what is open at this hour? And oh, is this in-room internet really "free" like my dad has ingeniously concluded.

Ah, and where is the ranking-ranqueen?!! I looked all over for it.

To breakfast we go. YUMM.


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Ohhh Vacation!

The reward for finishing Grad School. Ahhhhh. Today, I take on Tokyo and try to ditch the tour to go shopping. Tomorrow, we do the scenic drive to Atami for Hot-Springs.

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