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washington and victoria pictures up

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Photos are here! It was a wonderful peaceful vacation with lots of water and clean air.
Washington and Victoria Album
Seattle, Mukilteo, and Friday Harbor Slideshow
Victoria Slideshow

It was a great relaxing vacation, especially being in Friday Harbor where there are no traffic lights in downtown and I stayed in a hut without TV (but had internet access via FH lab). Many thanks to Charlene for encouraging me to go and arranging for housing. Thanks to Tim for driving us about in Seattle.

Next time, we will try the belgian fries. And Charlene will be dragged to Beehive Wool

Ferries =6, Yarn Stores = 7

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It was close, but I managed to make a tri-store run before heading home. I'm now back home with a cup of my favorite tea, still a bit woozy in the balance department. That was probably from riding so many ferries.

Will upload pictures and take photos of the yarn. In the meantime, I leave you to wonder how I managed to fit in 7 yarn stores in 4 days. And not even call this a yarn run trip :) Also give you a rundown of which stores I loved the mostest for "stuffs which made my eyes boggle in newfound glory" aka, who had stuff I hadn't seen before. And exactly how hard is that given the excellence of the local yarn shops. :)

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