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Gimmie Your Stuff from this North Californian near San Francisco.

I can offer:
See's Candy. Californian expats, yes, See's Candy.
Ghiradelli Chocolate
Scharffenberger Chocolate
Peet's Coffee
Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Goods
Mexican Hot Cocoa

Yarn and Knitting/Crochet Accessories (6 yarn stores in a 1 hour radius and I work in one of them. Need I really say more?)
English Books & CDs from Amazon.com
Used Books
Computer Magazines & Books (including Make Magazine)
Pens (including inexpensive Fountain Pens)
Thrift store finds.

What I'd like:
Unique snack goods
Yarn (non-Acrylic)
Knitting Goodies
Local Magazines
British Chick Lit
Pens, Mechanical Pencils (esp. Fountain Pens)
Local "Top Singles" on the radio.
Craft Books
(In no particular order)

Open for Swapping. Post a comment to make me an offer.


Thanks for dropping by my LJ/blog! I'll definitely trade you some Japanese snack goodies for some knitting crafty goodness (needle case/stitch markers). I'm leaving my email so we can chat.

Hi! Thanks for your comment. I could totally send you some Japanese craft books (or whatever) in exchange for some nice sock yarn. Are there any on yesasia or amazon.co.jp that you've seen that you want specifically? Just send me an email or leave me another comment if you want to work something out.

I have good Brit Chick-lit, yarn goodies and how about some shortbread or local fudge? email me at alisonkuela at yahoo dot co dot uk

uh, i'll trade you whatever you want from saint louis when i end up there for japanese craft books and snackies... ;o)

not that i have much to send from st. louis...

My husband is a 7th generation Californian on his mother's side. She belongs to an organization called "Native Daughters" and they are fierce about their geneologies. My husband is the only one in his family to leave LA. I am another rare bird - a native Oregonian, still living in the state.

Hi, I saw your comment on my Livejournal about doing a swap - sure! I can do unique snacks (Japanese flavors if you want them, lately I've found just azuki Kit Kats, satsumaimo Pretz, and azuki/maccha shaved ice-flavored Kits Kats), and cute pens/pencils, and I can get 20-cm lengths of a few different fabrics in Japanse prints or else a single bundle of one style of print. Let me know if you're still interested.

Oops, I forgot to mention that I did find you a Japanese fashion magazine - "Kera" (lots of weird uniquely Japanese styles in it, urban street fashion and Gothic & Lolita style stuff). :)

would love to trade some singaporean magazines/literature, snacks, etc for some thrift store finds and magazines from cali.

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