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I haven't left for home yet but I already have nostalgia. The shopping time has been all too brief, so to answer Hollis' question- I didn't get a chance to look for the patterns. They also have a no photo sign in the shop so I didn't really get any photos. Though I will have a section in my photo album that is subtitled- Oops, I can't take photos here.

Over the last few days, we've hit Kyoto and Osaka hard, taking a brief break to sit in an outdoor hot spring watching the snow fall. That's right, snow, in the end of March. In fact, I got to see a few cherry blossom trees (sakura) covered with a bit of snow.

Tomorrow we spend a day in transit and then I will post pictures of almost all the food I ate. Seriously, just about every single meal's many courses were photographed. And you know what? Any pounds and natural dietary enhancements (aka natto and prunes) I ate were worth it. Even the Tofu here is extra tasty.

I have two choco-cro (chocolate croissants) waiting in my hotel room, where my mom is... I need to go eat them before she decides that she isn't as full as she thought. Why are we so full? Well, I had takoyaki (squid balls), then ramen noodles (the fresh kind), and polished that off with a big specialty crab dinner(veeery yummy!). Um, that was dinner. Then I bought two choco-cro as takeout, one for breakfast tomorrow as we leave at 5:30 am for Itami airport to Narita, spend a half day in Narita on a layover (said with half hopefulness of more shopping and half derision), then head home.



Oh! I'm so jealous that you are in Japan right now... and isn't this the start of cherry blossom season? And don't worry about the extra food consumed -- don't you know, Japanese food doesn't contain calories ;)

I am vicariously enjoying your Japanese trip. I never went yarn shopping in Japan. Just remembering the delicious food and the beautiful scenery; especially Kyoto.

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