Ferries =6, Yarn Stores = 7

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It was close, but I managed to make a tri-store run before heading home. I'm now back home with a cup of my favorite tea, still a bit woozy in the balance department. That was probably from riding so many ferries.

Will upload pictures and take photos of the yarn. In the meantime, I leave you to wonder how I managed to fit in 7 yarn stores in 4 days. And not even call this a yarn run trip :) Also give you a rundown of which stores I loved the mostest for "stuffs which made my eyes boggle in newfound glory" aka, who had stuff I hadn't seen before. And exactly how hard is that given the excellence of the local yarn shops. :)


so send the names of those yarns you haven't seen down here straight over.....Glad you had a good trip. See you soon.

You're my hero... 7 yarn shops in four days, and it wasn't even a yarn run trip?

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