Deadline Socks

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Ah, the incentive given by a deadline! Here we have TWO completed socks in Fleece Artist possibly Raspberry colorway (remember, they don't come labeled) purchased at Full Thread Ahead just in time for Stitches. A slightly more vibrant pink colorway will be waiting for you at Stitches West this Thursday-Sunday!

The pattern is Vine Lace Socks from the book Socks Socks Socks and photographed at the community room aka yoga studio with lovely wrestling mats. Also, note how the top sock patterns differently from the striping bottom sock. I still love these socks!


Pardon the blinding white legs.


My favorite "surprise" of these socks is the cute striping on the heel.


I'm glad the weather cooled down after a very spring-like weekend!


Stitches West, here we come!

Nice socks!

Looks great, Freecia! And hey, the Chic Knits patterns just came in. I have them at Stitches for you. See you there!

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