Alternative Valentine's Gifts (aka Freecia rains on the flower parade)

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To my dear (and fantastic) boyfriend:

Half a dozen things I'd rather receive bundles of than overpriced red roses:
1. A Bouquet of Yarn (duh) in the skein or in the ball, both great.
2. Assortment of Salt and Vinegar Chips. Finally, a comparison!
3. Office Supplies. But the good stuff. None of the Bic Sticks and cheap paper.
4. Tea and a mug while you're at it. Definitely a happy moment.
5. Songs or conveniently downloaded podcasts, or even a list of funny YouTube links. More pictures of kittens doing cute things.
6. Your cheesiest pick-up lines... in a poem. Extra points for haiku.

In return, I might give you
1. Lots of sugar in different forms. Sugar in packets, cubes, rock candy, and powder.
2. "Boy Movies" that have history and weapons in them which put me to sleep.
3. Highlighted and annotated passages in books that attempt to explain female behavior and psychology. And maybe some annotated yarn catalogs and magazines for future gift ideas.
4. Classic computer games and a nifty super-laser mouse
5. Attempts to write a really good myspace/dating profile for a certain male friend of yours. Something certain to get him dates.
6. More opportunities to see me in dresses. Which, considering how cold it is, would be a really nice gift!

Much Love,
Your Girlfriend

P.S. Thank you for the flowers in years past. Giving away half a new graphic's card $ worth of flowers was very sweet of you, especially on our college budgets. Though, we could have purchased a lot of really awesome hardware... To your male friends who insist flowers are the definitive gift, "Stop raining on my parade. Really."


Dude. Ditto.

By the way - I was unreasonably jealous to find out that Cara got to have dinner with you. I want to do that!!! ;)

love the list! :)

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