My life is awesome

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I know I've said it before but now you can see how awesome my life is. With a special kick to the end of the day!

Elisa of Concateknit posted her typical day at work and I thought it was a neat idea. My normal day is probably of little interest to most out there, but I rather enjoy my life so I thought I'd post a slightly special "Freecia's Day".

My day usually starts out at about 8 am when I wash my tea mug and look out the kitchen window. I got up a bit early today to track down these great convertible bag backpacks made by Frederic T. I stalked a person in the grocery store last Saturday, refraining from asking where she purchased the bag. The first time I saw this really nifty bag was on a customer shopping at Full Thread Ahead and I forgot the maker.


This is my backyard. It was raining outside. -- 8 am1


When I park my car, I always chuckle because this company has their own little house as an office building. Seriously, a cute little house in the middle of an office park. -- 9 am


These flowers have been making me smile all week. -- 1 pm


The clouds caught my eye so I popped into the hallway to take a picture of the gorgeous colors. -- 5:30 pm

Normally, this would be nearing the end of an already good day. Throw in some tv and knitting, or if it is Thursday, then knitting group.2

------ Eeek! The special event is about to start! -----------


Here's my boba tea and I'm ready to get my knit on. Instead of the normal Tapioca Express boba knit Thursday night, we're taking it to Stitches West for the two hour Market Preview. -- 7 pm. The wonderful gentleman in the shot is Hollis' father, Don. (shhh, this is a smuggled photo!)


Here are the boba knitters at the end of the night :
Left to Right: Pauline, Margit, Kristi, Cookie, and honorary member Hollis

Sorry they're a bit blurry. It was a long two hours. -- 9:30 pm


Here's my haul: Sarcelle and Avery patterns by Kristi, Louet Gems from Cookie, stitch savers (did Linda make these?), Ribby Cardi and Ribby Pulli from Bonne Marie at Chic Knits sold by Purlescence, and a magnet from Margit (thanks!). -- 10pm

And oh.


My comfortable shoes arrived. Just the thing for the coming weekend at Stitches.

Yeah, my life is so awesome.

Nite! --11 pm

1 Times are approximate.
fn2. Note, my usual workday is a bit longer than this.


Wow - Stitches seems BIG! It looks like you got some primo stuff (of course).

Thanks for posting your day, although now I want to buy 1) one of those convertible backpack bags and 2) some cute new shoes! :)

I love your backyard! What a fabulous day: delicious tea, pretty flowers, knitting friends, yarn & patterns & shoes. You do have an awesome life.

I love hearing about people who appreciate what they have. Hey it was nice meeting you yesterday and thanks for all the advice about the hemp yarn! I ended up buying it - now all I have to do is figure out which pattern will suit it best. Enjoy the rest of Stitches!

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