One or the Other

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I can not read and knit. I've tried. My reading and knitting brain states are different. I'm a book devourer. My brow crinkles up, I look real mean, and my conscious mind gets sucked into the story. Many kudos for the boyfriend for sticking with me at book stores 'cause the outside world ceases to exist for me, except for some tea. You could chuck Merino at my head while I'm involved in a story and I'd probably just look puzzled for a brief second before I kept on reading. Now a bad book, that's a different state, a slightly dissatisfied state.

Knitting usually takes enough concentration and motor control (not to mention two hands which could be holding a mug and book) that I have given up reading a physical book and knitting. I've also pretty much given up reading e-books on screen and knitting, too, because I have to stop knitting to advance the page all too often. Audio Books speak too slowly and I get impatient waiting for them to get on with it.

There's some knitting but no pictures of it because my head has been stuck in a few fun books. To name a few:
Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher
Dead Man Rising and Working For the Devil by Lilith Saintcrow
Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara

Following a few suggestions made on book sites and amazon "This customer also bought" or "Customers ultimately purchased" links, I scored a few new favorite authors in Saintcrow and Sagara. There's also a good half dozen books releasing this and next month that I've got my eye on.

All that means less knitting, which is funny because the weather is finally cool enough to knit wool. If you think I'm bad in a yarn store, you should see me in a book store.


"My brow crinkles up, I look real mean, and my conscious mind gets sucked into the story."

I can't really knit & read at the same time, either. I'm quite hyper-focused when I read, so much so that people get frustrated with me - think I'm ignoring them.

maybe you should invest in one of those acrylic cook book holders? although that could get super tedious to turn pages.

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