OK Go Again!

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I somehow missed being on of the five million people who caught the new OK Go dance routine. OK Go, I nominate you for the most innovative Lo-Fi Music Video!

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I think I may be turning into a GoGeek. They totally Level Up enthusiasm.


I saw this a month or so ago, but I still think it's SUPER Awesome! I love the choreography with the treadmills, it's really quite innovative. sorry i didn't call monday, i got sucked into the tv - this is what happens when i do not have one of my own to watch... plus csi is on and that was just sort of the clincher..

You know Freecia, ever since I made those socks for you I've come by once in a while and I have to say you find some of the coolest stuff ever! Ok Go rocks! I loved it. Anyway, thanks for making my morning a bit more fun!

That video is a hit here in this household - the kids love it. What I find amazing is that they did it in one take. I mean a couple of days of practice, but filmed in just one take. Now that's true treadmill talent :-)

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