Never much fun

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When I'm sick. I've caught a cold. It started with a scratchy throat tickle, like toast crumbs stuck in my throat. Then the coughing and stuffy nose kicked in.

I did my best to sleep it off (sleeping this much takes actual effort) and warning it away with some herbs/concoctions/witches brew.

So now, on the third day, my body feels better but my throat and nasal passages are about the same. Hopefully that means recovery, right?

The knitting/tv chair was infested by some bugs. They bit me and the bites itch. I thought the bugs ate plants but evidently some like to munch on Freecia. So, I've been wearing long pants and shirts when I go sit there, lurking with my spray bottle of dish soap and water.

++ Yay! I managed to stay up for 12 hours without falling over too often. Now go praise this brilliant kid who solves a rubik's cube in about 20 seconds with 1 hand (One hand is evidently easier than the two handed 11.18 speed ) Yeah. I'm a like this rubik's cube genius for the first minute, while he stares at it (mapping it to his highly intelligent brain)... until he puts on the blindfold and solves the thing. Nerds are so cool. I think I'll stick to knitting, thanks. (More efficient to poke my eye out with in envy) Even Five Year-Olds can do it and the Girlie Love (I wonder if she's developed a method of speedknitting?)


So Hot! If only I could do that. My friend Jenny knows how to solve Rubiks cubes, and can do it in a minute or two. Barbara got hooked too, and made Jenny teach her. Hahaha, I have NO patience. Give me glue and I'll solve that puzzle for you!

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