Yes Cruises are Odd

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There is a dessert known as Baked Alaska and some cruisers consider the flaming dessert to be a cruise standard. To be honest, I can't see waiters around here being up for carrying around a flaming cake near their head. The strobing effect of camera flashes during the movie tells me that flaming cake is special for many people.

Go figure. It was a decent dessert but it is a production food, not a favorite based on flavor. Well, after a few (or more than a few) slightly chewy lobster tails (the crab legs served before the second formal night on the Sun Princess/Princess Cruise Line was absolutely the best frozen crab I've ever had and much better than the lobster) who really cares about dessert? They've shoved you full of an expensive food and given you a flaming dessert. At this point, you're only wondering if you can waddle your way over to the theater in time for tonight's musical show.

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