Almost Finished

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I never really understood the concept of finished until I took up knitting. I thought I knew what finished meant, being a reasonably intelligent person. Goodness gracious, I handed in plenty of "deliverables" in homework and project form which I called finished and done. As a knitter, finished takes on the full meaning originated in the Latin 'finis', meaning end. Finished - a fully completed garmet which can be worn requires seaming, blocking, and perhaps adding on some buttons or a zipper. Done is merely the past participle of do- meaning you've started it but it may not be at the end. Perhaps artists understand finished better than students do- As evidenced on Project Runway when the judges comment on how a dress can be worn, but that doesn't mean it is finished. I handed in homework and projects because they were due, even programmed to the requirements, but that doesn't mean I finished. They were merely done.

"Olympic Update" of the Cat Bordhi Cashmere Mobius


Yes, even though I've completed every row and seamed in the ends, I haven't blocked, hence I am not 100% done. Not yet finished. See?


It needs some blocking. The good news is that I'm in the home stretch.


Charlene is an old high-school friend and the one I blame for pulling me into the yarn scene. Yes, she's the one who took me into the modern yarn store and I still have that ball of fuzzy-I-know-better-now-but-so-soft yarn which resides in my stash. It lives in a container by itself, nestled among all her later cousins who usually reside in ziplock bags or are callously shoved in the yarn stash box(es).

Char's Christmas gifts theme this year included felted handbags and darn if she didn't find the perfect color and handle for mine:


(Plymouth Outback Wool which does a really cool stripeyziggy effect. And Char, what were those handles?)

She included a really cute trinket for Valentine's


and a little fleece sheep. A Blue fleece sheep of my very own- Thanks!



Go Freecia!!!

I heart that blue sheep, dude. It's awesome.

And how was Stitches?

That sheep is so cute! What an awesome pal!

And I love your Excel charts. That is so awesome, seriously.

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