Priorities - Planning in advance for Procrastination

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In a tv binge last night, mostly fueled by Project Runway1 and Windsor Castle:A Royal Year2, I made some pretty decent progress in preparation for a weekend of neglect. Oh yes, I'm planning... for my procrastination. I know good athletes gain the lead and keep it, but this athlete has a bunch of work and Stitches West3 coming up. Combine that with a family visit and other items which should go out the door to their intended recipients, I prepped for my multitasking:


1 Santino drives me batty. I firmly believe that you can be talented but should also strive to be easy to work with.

2 Worth tivo or netflixing if you like to see what royal standards are.

3 I took a peek at the Socks that Rock and the other fabulous yarns they have. Please save some purple and rainbow-ish colors for me! Then come by the Full Thread Ahead booth for the Knitter's Review Bulletin Board and say hi to the asian girl - me!

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