Fortitude. Must RESIST

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You'd think after yarnpalooza at Stitches West that I'd be overdosed on yarn for another few days. With great fortitude, I only purchased a Skein of Socks That Rock (Only 1!), a bit of something I thought was too soft to pass up for Felicia (Go check out her gorgeous photos. I'll wait), and some Tess's. Well, one skein of the Tess's was for me, there was a small mountain of Tess's for the store1

And now, on to the reason I actually wanted to post.

Colorway yarn is trying to suck the quarters out of my piggy bank. They're sneaking in at night and taking my lucky money. Soon, they'll have a direct deposit hookup to my bank account or my credit card burned into their memory. They now take Special Orders for Handmaiden and Fleece Artist yarns (I know, how tragic). Three easy steps to happy stash enhancement.
1. Select a Colorway (with easy to compare thumbnails!)
2. Select a yarn (Like, oh say, Handmaiden Cashmere 4-ply
(100% cashmere, 170m/50g skein) for $32.95)
3. How many Skeins - Whoooooooaaaa, you could potentially get like 5 skeins of handpaint from the SAME dyelot.

= Yarn shipped to your door in 4-6 weeks

The part you're waiting for- Go. Drool. Buy. Stalk the Mailman/woman- The URL

If you need any incentive to buy a possibly unknown yarn to you- go:
- Yarn Harlot archives
- Fleece Artist
- Hand Maiden
- Canada. It is darn hard to see this in person while in the 'States. Should you have a stateside LYS that carries this and Socks that Rock, shoot me an e-mail and I'll go see if there are any airfare sales to that part of the country. Hello, remember my previous trips? Freecia will Travel and buy Yarn.

The voice of experience- Fleece Artist and Handmaiden already in my stash. I still have some of the sock yarn left over, too. Maybe some sockettes for me?

Grumperina may have a secret custom dyer but this is the next best thing.

1 If you didn't get to see the Windowpane Top in person, we might be doing it for the store, so let us know if you like the pattern.


you make me want to cry and break my resolve not to buy more yarn for the stash until stash yarn gets used. sniff i want some colorway! ok, no i don't need it, i will resist.. but next time i am allowed to buy yarn, i will have this on the top of the list..

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