On my way to Stitches Set Up

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I'm about to run out the door to Santa Clara Convention Center. This is my first time on the other side of Stitches West (the crazy yarn convention) and I'm looking forward to some mayhem :)

To give you my Olympic Progress, and because I'm a geek with Excel and Snag-It (awesome screen capture software), here's a bar graph. Hah, and you thought scientist Melissa didn't impart her chart love?


A bit more than 1/3 of the games over and I'm 1/3 done. Yay! I did change the yarn after opening ceremonies because I wasn't happy with how my alpaca was knitting up. I changed to Rowan Calmer and did a few rows, then decided I wanted to use smaller needles to cast on. Right now, I'm pretty happy with the project even though I didn't get to use the Alpaca I purchased from the same San Juan island Cat Bordhi lives on.

K, gotta jet to go stack boxes.


Yay, Excel geeks unite! Actually I'm fairly incompetent with it, but I like it anyway, darnit. I can't wait for Stitches. I don't go until tomorrow. Wooooot!

I love that you have a graph. Love it!

What is the deal with knitters who blog? Or about blogging knitters who read 43F? My wife is one, too, and doing the knitting Olympics (baby sweater with fancy cables) so I appreciate any insight you might have.

And your Olympics project looks awesome - I'll have to point her to it.

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