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My Own Space: Piripicchio Clothes Shaver

Isn't it just. It is a shame that it is so expensive! There's some mighty cute bags at this site, too. Plus, I've made a mid February resolution to get all MacGuyver and repurpose stuff I already have, since I decided that I really do have plenty of "stuff". The notable exception - I'm going to buy a swift. Winding yarn on the ball winder by yourself is much easier with a swift. There are times when an item performs it's intended functionality so well that you must give it kudos and there are times when my capitalistic hedonism buys into wily ad+marketing. Today, It (wily wily) purchased a $2 Lucky Mag and stuck stickers all over the pages. I will be saving it for lotion advice, outfit considerations, and the section of pages about awesome shopping in Tokyo. The Tokyo shopping spread was worth the $2 ;)


Tokyo shopping spread in Lucky? Sounds so great! Probably better to save myself the $2 and all the money I would spend shopping, though. Definitely get a swift! If space and the thought of sending stuff home weren't such an issue, I'd have one, too.

I just read your sock blog (2-4) It is interesting. I may try it to pick up the stitches that way. However, picking up stitches the old fashioned way shouldn't leave holes. I show you one day when I see you again.
Regards, Janet

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