Bookcase Ladder


Yeah yeah, I know I said I'd MacGyver stuff and all I've really done this week is buy stuff. I ran by the other LYS today and bought a swift because I didn't see one I wanted at Stitches. Hey, if all the booths sell the same metal swift, I reserve the right to buy it from my local shop and utilize a $10 discount coupon. Also, I refuse to MacGyver my tea. My concession is getting it from Peet's so I get a free cup of Jasmine Downy Pearls with a tin of tea. No tea dust for freecia, please.

However, I saw this ladder bookcase on Make Magazine's Blog and thought it was brilliant!

Now me, I'm more of a stainless steel girl but time and again, I've seen some pretty nice bookcases made of stepstools and ladders. Throw some slices of plexiglass between two ladders and you have yourself a different style of bookcase.

Make's blog also has a lime-y new layout. Very yum! Loving the bigger pictures, too. Thanks pt and nat.zee!