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Oh yes Dear Reader,

I filed for Graduation today since I'm due to be done with Grad School in the end of March 2006. Any education without its own trials, tribulations, and most hated courses wouldn't be much of an education. In any case, there is much I have learned but possibly one of the most useful thoughts to ponder was a quote from Ray Kehoe, professor of Software Engineering:
Your job is to make your boss' job easier.

Perhaps you think your job is to get your work done, but looking at it stated in the manner above, doesn't it make you think about the needs of those other than you? Instead of thinking of it as "the boss told me to do this" you can ask yourself "what does the boss need done?". It may seem funny but this comes into play even at Full Thread Ahead. There's quite a lot of action going on behind the scenes- reordering, restocking, meeting new demands, and all the while multitasking while serving our clientèle. The other day Hollis said "That's what I want to see- show some initiative. I don't want to have to do everything" and I think that's true for most employers. Hollis used to work in high tech and was on the upper levels of the food chain so I know she has more experience with office politics than I do. Still. No one except for Ray ever told me so clearly or honestly what I should aim for and I thought I'd pass it on. The #1 lesson most college graduates should know but are never told. "Make your boss' job easier."

Commencement will be in June of 2006. The big difference between commencement at SCU and UCD? SCU is an upscale affair with booze.


Wait wait wait... 'upscale'? 'Booze'? 'an'? Where do we sign up???

You nailed this one, Freecia. It is all about looking at the task and hand and saying "how can I make this better" - "how can I make it more successful" - this is true of ANY business - at any level. I learned this lesson very young and it served me very well over the years - how to go the step beyond - to exceed expectations (very difficult to do in high tech, btw - but that's a different post). In our case at the store, it's about making the experience wonderful for our customers (our "bosses"). Good on you for figuring it out.

Congrats, Freecia! What a great accomplishment!

It's wayyyyy too early in the morning for me to be thinking about booze, but boy howdy...

Oh - and if you make your boss' job easier, then you also make your boss' boss' job easier, and if your boss' boss knows that you exist, then maybe someday you get to be boss!

Or at the very least, you will get volunteered for Committees. And Subcommittees. And Committees about the Importance and Effectiveness of Committees.


Congrats! I hope it is quite fun. Berkeley bought really cheap crap bubbly for our graduation. I hope NYU as a private school will spend a bit more.

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