Rain Rain and General Musings

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The New Year is coming and people are posting their reflections of the year in the past and their goals year to come. Well. To Recap this year, which treated me fairly well, hmmm. I finished off my Capstone Project Course and learned a lot about people and their interactions, not just project management. Applied myself more which is one of my long term goals... Began the year somewhere in March by becoming a less than grand friend who was always "busy" and forgot about others then was able to turn that around later in the year (hopefully my friends will agree).

To come, my New Year's resolution is almost always to execute more. Or in Freecia's terms of abstraction - don't be a lame-o. It's not the resolution that so much matters to me, it is just that you have to strive to be better. It is an active process which you've got to make yourself do, and by making yourself do things, well, that's already beginning the execution stuff.

Oh Rain. Right. Wow has it been raining. I'm a solid sleeper and it has been waking me up at night.

The last week has been a fun one.
- Went to the Embarcadero Palo Alto nature preserve with friends and actually enjoyed myself outside. OK she went birding with her big spotting scope and I had knitting. But hey, it was enjoyable time well spent. You and me Robin, we can do this nature thing if I can bring the woolies.
- Saw the family once for Christmas where I proceeded to explain proper care for woolens. Saw my aunt and uncle for my Aunt's Birthday. She's had a joyful life well spent and that makes me happy (but she is by no means old, either. Just saying, it is easy to love those who are happy in life)
- Full Thread Ahead had a fashion show and I wanted to blog it and label it "Grope Me" because people love feeling the South West Trading Company stuff while the model struts down the aisle. Except, well, it'd have been in poor taste and maybe humor to most (except all Knit Bloggers, who probably accost strangers in the Supermarket and Gas Station while looking at their possibly homemade sweaters)
- Met with friends last night where we did our Christmas Exchange and chuck wrapping paper at each other event. We had major LOOT. MAJOR LOOT. And then we went out for a late night pizookie which is a cookie in a pizza pan with ice cream on top. I like the White Chocolate with Macadamia Nuts one.
- Tonight we go for M's Birthday party and I've been pumping her full of "you're gonna love this birthday gift because it is so unexpected" remarks. Not hints. More sledgehammer of awesomeness. So I hope she likes it.

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