Shh! Trellis is blocking

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Here's the little Trellis pre-blocking. I haven't put the buttons in yet.

Betcha thought I might never finish it, did ya? I hope my little nephew hasn't gotten to be a big nephew. Or at least not too big for a 1 year old's sweater.

Trellis was knit in Cotton Rich instead of Rowan All Season's cotton. It took me about 6.5 skeins of Cotton Rich, but I also had a nice pile of ends which looked like 0.5 skein... It was an enjoyable knit but I think I'd pop for Rowan Calmer next time. Cotton Rich, which is a blend, does shed if you have somewhat moist hands. Still, each piece of Trellis took about a skein of Cotton Rich and I pretty much made gauge (like a bandit!) which was unbelievable considering I knit it on #7's and my right hand tensions the yarn pretty tight.

Why do I mention that the right hand results in tight knitting? Well, I'm now working on a Harry Potter Scarf with the yarn held Continental Style in my left hand. I'm trying to train myself not to do the "grip of death, doom, and despair". At least on my left hand. Normally, I knit English and throw the yarn with my right pointer finger, so I like the yarn snugly wrapped. It feels like it will fall off otherwise. But hey, this is a great opportunity to do miles of knit stitch and I totally know that if I don't finish in time for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire there will be another Potter movie coming along soon. The tension looks a bit uneven so it is good I'm practicing- like a newbie, I am! Trying to knit with my left hand!

It is in the Gryffindor colors with Jaeger Matchmaker DK (changing gauge! Blasphemy!) on 12" 3.6mm Clover circular (labeled #5 and purchased at imagiknit)


congrats on trellis, it looks adorable and very well done!

Wow. the sweater looks great. We all knew that you'd finish it someday but maybe not so soon.


I love my new sweater. I tried it on and it fits great. I'm growing a lot, actually so much so that 1 year is the perfect size for me now even though I'm only 7 (almost 8) months old. I had no idea that you knew that. I am about to grow out of my pumpkin hat. I guess that is what happens when you've got a big head... Well lotsa love and thank you for thinking of me -- pumpkin head number 2 - hehe.

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