Get your Sneakers Out for Black Friday

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So you think you want to hit the Black Friday, day after Thanksgiving, sales with so-called SUPER SUPER deals?

Well here's a few tips and Miss Shopping Queen is also going to advise you
* Do your homework via Google or the newspaper. Know what is on sale and for how much at each store.
* Prioritize what you do want. Go to one sale, not three.
* Pick the store that has the must-have item you want and get there way early OR
* Pick the store with the most items you think you'll buy.
* Or, pick the store which has it for a higher price, but still on sale. If Walmart is going to sell the gameboy advance for $50 and CompUSA will have it for $60, go to CompUSA first thing in the morning to avoid the wait at Walmart and possible sell-out. Then you will be walking out the store while the people at Walmart are coming in to get the sold out item.
* Divide and Conquer. Team up with another couple or your spouse and hit two different stores at once. Girls go to Walmart, Guys go to Best Buy (or reverse, I'm equal opportunity) Charge those cell phones.
* Pick out a specific item for a specific person to avoid "deal hungry buying"
* Consider how good the deal is. Would you rather sleep in (gosh, after 5am!) and not save that $10 for whatever toy which was so hot yesterday but not hot next week?
* Remember that children are fickle. What is hot today may not be hot next week. To get around this, you can either make the big ticket purchase now and give it to your child on a "early Christmas" (Saturday after Black Friday) and tuck a small ticket item away for Xmas or you can wait and hope your child/giftee does not change their mind, then repeat "it is okay to return things, even if it was a long wait in line" many many times.

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You are truly a sweet and very talented aunty. Dylan absolutely loves his new sweater and I would love to send you the pics to prove it. I'll see if I can find your email address :) Thank you so much!

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