Button Button there are Buttons

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Little Trellis is just about on the way to my nephew and I do hope they get along. It isn't just the size- about half a year ago, he didn't like to have clothes pulled over his head so I made a cardigan. I hope that he still prefers them. Yes, he's not one year old yet but definitely knows he doesn't like it when clothes are shoved over his head. Can't say I blame him; his hair tufts out plenty as it is.

Quick snaps because I've really seen enough of a sweater that I can't fit into:

Copy of PB180001.JPG

Blue Buttons for a boy. If he doesn't fit into it, it may become a family "heirloom" with button colors redone if the next child is a niece.

Copy of PB180002.JPG

The back looks mostly the same as the front.

A funny thing happened today. I saw a toddler with a cabled sweater (swear to Harlot ) in almost exactly the same cable patterns. It was a pullover and had some more cabling on the sides. Half a second's look did determine that while especially cute, it was probably not hand knit, because it the cables were "flat". Have you noticed how nicely handknit cables pop yet the machine knit cables are a bit smooshed-like?

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