That time of the quarter again

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Where I am in crunch mode. In addition, I spent about $20 yesterday on Cold-Eeze, Zicam, and Breathe Right Mentholated Strips to stave off a cold. I slept a bit more along with another blanket (this makes it three) and a hot water bottle. Stop laughing at me. I wab nob so habby (I was not so happy). Much better now, though. I shopped it off this morning at the mall when I went in to return clothes and to buy new stuff. Goodness knows when I'll get to the mall again and be in a buying mood.

Yet, haha! I have been saving up lots of good stuff for this post! Ok, I admit I'm too lazy at this moment (and sleepy) to post pictures of the several projects I'm working on but we'll just say that one's a sample for the shop, one is for my mom, and one is for the "felting monster" (aka agitating washing machine) which lives in the second story of the shop. We just about hit one month at the store and we're making a lot of progress. Other than my inventory blunder which took me 5 minutes to make and ohhhh, 15 times that to fix.

For actual post content, I give you an inkling of what my credit card has been doing. Is it bad to buy a book just for the short-row diagrams? Nooooooo. Of course not!

Knit Stitch Dictionary: ISBN 4834723402
The title roughly translate as: The foundation of knitting - An intelligible big character and an intelligible big illustration explain

Entire Flickr Set

To come: What have I been working on, what other books did I purchase, and possibly a whack to the head from ya'll if I whine about school anymore.

And oh, survey says: Zicam or Cold-eeze works well (or a combo thereof). Breathe Right menthol strips doesn't clean my pores like biore. Which it should for $6...

P.S. And the potter scarf which I may need to rip out because it is far too wide for my tastes. Think I should ask Norma and Stephanie, our cold weather knitters to tell me if the neck needs to be covered? Hm. Me: wearing down coat, wool sweater, and long sleeve t inside the house. Them: heaters. Clearly, they are smarter than I.

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