Because I'm too excited to sleep


Why? Why?!! Because today is the day we stuff the store!

Yesterday, Full Thread Ahead was a busy beehive of furniture assembly and heavy move-in. I wouldn't want to tease knitters who own sock needles, so I'll just paint you the mental picture to spare you the anguish of seeing of a yarn store with ... no yarn in it.

It was sunny, the new wood floors had construction dust on it, the swiffer-ish spray and swipe broom was doing more than it was ever built to do as we tackled the post construction mess. The store had light fixtures but was devoid of any put together furniture. Insert lots of people doing furniture assembly and move-in1 and repeat for many hours. At the end of the day there were Eight (8! 8! 8!) bookcases up, many chairs, tables, and a sofa (which yours truly mostly put together, so if you sit and it breaks, come yell at me).

And yet, today, as the sun is slowly slowly coming up, I laid in bed where it seemed that my normal sleep addiction suddenly turned into ... wait for it... more bouncy than a kid on Christmas hyped up with a venti mocha frappucino. Yeah. I wasn't actually bouncing, but my head was practically playing the super bounce out music.

So evidently add stuffing an empty yarn store fuuuuuuuullllll of yarn to the things I will get up early and happily for.2

Today, I will bring my camera so you mini yarn-harlots out there can breathe with relief, knowing that the yarn store contains much much yarn goodness. Honestly, showing a yarn store bereft of yarn (other than for potential) could possibly be considered knitterly cruel and unusual punishment. Or I'd be a yarn tease.

And oh, if you should ever open a store, remember scissors, a socket wrench or three with hex bits, and your patience. If you know a good way to clean a laminate wood floor, please leave a comment!

Lastly, it looks great (what, you expected otherwise?) Just how great you'll just have to wait! The woman has wifi in her store. Wireless internet access in a yarn store. ::bounce::

1 Sweet volunteers, should all you want is a peek at the store or to stuff yarn, please say so. Those who volunteer on a first day should expect to be put to the unglamorous jobs. This is mostly true for any volunteer opportunity that involves put-up or tear-down. Maybe some people never thought about this but I just figured I've give you this nugget of wisdom to chew on. It keeps the people who don't mind putting together jigsaw puzzles of furniture happy and people who want to fondle the yarn happy :)

2 The others are travel... spectacular shopping... Though I don't bounce to get up for 7am classes, get up indeed I do.