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Goodnight Yarn!

A shot from the stairs up towards the front window (isn't it so nice and shiny?) with the new bookcases and some yarn.

This is what you'd see if you walked in the front door right now.

So today I was defeated by one Crate and Barrel Chair, a stack of cardboard, and a half oval leaf on the Gallant Desk. My furniture making mojo decided to take off for vacation, I guess. My legs certaintly got a good workout going up and down the stairs, though.

But what was my reward for doing all this? See this? This is what I got to put away.

Hellllloooo Lobster Pot and NoNo Kitty. Go ahead, enlarge the photo. You see the second cube from the right on the top row? Cashmere Lobster Pot yarn. Yes. Wasn't that a nice reward?

Why is all the yarn wrapped up you ask? Hidden from your lustful views? You want to see it already ? Well, darling, this is only our second date. I may not be a tease, but I'm certaintly not easy ;)

If you're ever around San Francisco, especially if you're down in the South Bay, please come by the store! (Monday and after, that is, unless you want to label yarn... which really, while slow, has its own rewards )

Full Thread Ahead Store Location
169 Main Street,
Los Altos, CA
(650) 948-9036 Hours:
Monday - Friday 11am-7pm (Look, open late!)
Saturday - Sunday from 11am - 5pm

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