Slow Socks

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Since I'm a beginner at socks, I guess I'm naive. And inexperienced. For all those who claim socks are quick knits and whiz by... You must impart the wisdom of exactly how this miracle occurs because I want in on the secret.


This is my practice sock done toe-up on two circulars with Sockotta yarn and really, I gotta say, it feels like it took forever. Not sweater forever, but I also feel that perhaps using #1 needles and this yarn was about as slow as knitting up at least the fronts of a cardigan, or perhaps the sleeves. Counting the stitches, I think I could have knit a sweater backing. This is not to say that socks aren't good knits, but I find that I knit slower with this tiny needle gauge, plodding along like Frankenstein.

Lessons learned?
- Use larger needles and bigger gauged yarn. I'm thinking maybe 4-ply.
- Break up the knit monotony by doing a fancy topped sock.
- Consider using dpns since you are beginning to resent moving the stitches off the circ cord and shoving them onto the needle.
- Watch out for big gaping stitches at the ankles where you join in the heel back to knitting in the round for the entire ankle. The gusset? I think this is the gusset.

Yet, this was really about 20-ish hours of work, so it wasn't all that bad.

Once I finish the ankle on this sock, it is off to start my Sockapal2za socks. I think one month should be just about enough time for me to finish them. The pattern I'm kicking about and considering is Petticoat socks from Weekend Knitting but I'll be surfing through the sockapal2za pool in search of other patterns. And oh yeah, shopping :) Probably looking for a wool blend instead of cotton.


Looking great! I'm totally with you on the larger gauge. The idea of using US1's for a whole sock is what made me stay away from sock knitting for YEARS!

Wow, it's a pretty sock! I think I'd kill it if I tried to wear it for a day, but it's really cute.

contemplates 20 hours ... ~$10/hr. ... 20*10 = $200 for a sock?? Thumbs up on suggested means of improving effeciency! =)

Your sock looks great! The pattern is beautiful, even if it is taking you a long time. Hang in there, and when you finish this pair, treat yourself to some thicker yarn!

I use US 2s (brittney birch dpns or addi dpns) for my sock making adventures, however I've learned the hard way that if the sock isn't patterned from the cuff to instep (as close to the toe decreases as possible), I really draaagggg along when it comes to working on it. The slowest part for me is the heel flap. "K1 s1*, repeat across to end of row, next row s1 purl across remaining. I knit tight in back and forth knitting that it takes me forever. At least I have a nice tight heel, right?

Oh, and you're right, that's the gusset :-)

I'm sorry I never got back to you about my sock size! Super busy up here! ok, back to work

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