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Mariko isn't the only one to getaway this week. I'll be heading for a quick trip to Monterey for the weekend with my best pal Melissa for a quick "run away run away!!!"

Actually, she said something really funny yesterday. Something to the effects of that she missed living with me and would like to do so again. I laughed considering that we graduated in 2002 and that's the last time we shared an apartment for extended lengths of time. So yes, evidently it takes three years to recover from living with me for four years.

Our getaway options were limited to this weekend, noninclusive of Fri night, and that meant probably a local getaway. She works in SF, I go to school down here, so let's just say we both wanted to go somewhere else.

Carmel was our first choice but the romantic seaside town and environs have a few quirks. We're younger than the target audience and most certainly not a couple so that ruled out some of the cozier places as well as all of the ones that require a credit check before reservation availability check. I steal blankets (this is very well known among my friends) so I made the generous assumption that two beds were in order. You ever try to find two beds in a getaway locale for couples? Yes. Then add in the summer HIGH season which brings the Howard Johnson Express is $170 pre-10% tax...

There was no Priceline love goin' on (it rejected me at $107 a night...) so we went with the booking agent's offer.

And the punchline... Maybe I should have asked for the address of this place before I booked the newly renovated lodging-


That's us by the cemetery/golf course. My only comfort is knowing that they pretty much look alike on google maps... I think this disturbs me somewhat.


I WANNA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you had fun! Our stinkin' SB hotel was $174 per night, and the tax was another $20+. YIKES. We had fun, though. Hope you did, too.

I wanna go too!!! What hotel is that though? Is it right by the highway? Because if it is, then I think it's one that my friends have been too, and it's really not as bad as you think it is. I can't remember what it's called, but it's one of those big "name-brand" hotels.

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