Knitting with Wire: Lesson Learned

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If you try to knit jewelry, choose your wire carefully. Evidently anything larger than gauge 30 will drive you up to wall. I can't vouch for gauge 30 and smaller being knittable, but I certaintly know that gauge 26 sterling silver wire is not a good choice for knitted jewlery. Neither is Stretch Magic Jewlery Cord which stuck to my needles and while it advertises being "easy knot", it should have said "easy un-knot" as my gift fell apart at the last minute while I was attempting to wrap it. It was a tragic moment indeed with big eyes and a crappy handmade card instead.

Story Preface: My friend Cheryl recently celebrated her 25th Birthday and I wanted to give her a handmade gift. She doesn't knit so I couldn't give her the happiness of yarn but she shows interest in my crafts so I thought I'd give her a finished product. The original plan was to knit a bracelet from wire with beads on it. I choose gauge 26 wire because I wanted a sturdy bracelet since we work in the software industry and bracelets get banged about quite a bit. Gauge 28 seemed a little too flexible for a thinly knit bracelet with just three-five stitches wide. What resulted instead was a gorgeous pearl ring made of freshwater pearls and sterling silver wire with a matching choker necklace.


Rescued by a tv binge and DIY Network's Jewelry Making show episode Three Ring Circus I saw a gorgeous Wire Wrapped Ring

Since I had the materials on hand and my friend Cheryl loves jewelry, it was a quick and easy project. You don't need a lot of tools for this which should be applauded since jewelry making is just about as expensive (or more) than knitting as a hobby.

This is actually a Belated Birthday gift due to last minute craft misfortune, so I needed to find a way to package it for mailing. Film Canister to the Rescue! Then I needed a way to pad the ring. I thought of tissue paper but by-darn-it, I wanted to stick something with yarn in this project.

Topped with a knitted flower pin made from some extra bits of Bamboo and Rowan CashSoft

And brilliantly padded with some eyelash yarn. (insert *evil laughter* here for relegating novelty yarn as decorative packaging)

Now just to find a tin for the necklace or a empty cd jewel case then pop it into the mail.

I leave you with a closeup of the pearl ring sitting in some "gypsy beads" in case you're one of the girls who can never have too much glitter.

Hope she likes it.

And btw, the Trellis cardigan fronts are being slowly re-knit. The buttonhole technique has been modded to self reinforcing button holes, which, if not the most beautiful, are at least big enough for a busy parent to shove buttons through without a magnifying glass and a surgeon's steady hands.

Those of you who are wondering why they don't get handmade jewelry- uh, do any of my other friends (other than Charlene) really like jewelry that much? Any objections to socks? This year is probably going to be socks for Christmas.


are you still in like, not hang out mode?

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