Mathematics of Yarn Overs

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Yarn Overs the action of bringing the yarn to the front if you are going to knit, or to the back if you are going to purl, counts as a yarn over. Aren't they little sneaky things.

I thought the yarn over was a combo move, in which it counted the completion of knitting/purling and how knitting/purling moves the stitch from the left needle to the right. Ohh noo. Yarn overs really only involve bringing the yarn to the front or the back in preparation to knit or purl, and that is what you should count.

Duh. Can you tell I don't do a lot of yarn overs?

Silly me

There we go. Knit math learned.


Dude - that is so funny. I thought the same thing about yarnovers the first time I tried them. My way of figuring out what the hell was wrong didn't look as spiffy as yours (nice use of spreadsheets there, yo), though. :)

Have a great weekend!

Did you finally ask Melissa? She's done a ton of yarn overs! I think I had to teach her at one point too. . .you really have to look at the diagrams of how to do them VERY carefully, huh?

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