Falling off the Edge, the top edge

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Why Yes, I do have a college degree which required an emphasis in Mathematics. Counting yarn overs is simpler than Vector Calculus? So you say.

The Petticoat Socks1 have been started. Did I mention this is the first time I've done any lace and these yarnovers are making me barmy? Well, rather, it is the increases and decreases in combo, conspiring against me as it sat next to my head while I slept last night. I woke up, turned over, and stared again at the simple lace pattern and wondered why I couldn't seem to come out with 26 stitches.

Copy of P8190035.JPG

Copy of P8190033.JPG

text to paste2

Someone. Please. Set. Me. Straight. The yarn is starting to look a little fuzzy from being tinked.

But wait! Not all my ponderings are so sad. Okay, maybe there was a bit which was terribly tragic. Yes, a Koigu incident. (This is a sock yarn, for the non-knitters, and is wildly in demand.)

I stopped in at Uncommon Threads today to pick up a copy of Vogue Knitting, Fall 2005 since I really love this shawl

Copy of P8190036.JPG

And what do I spy? A new shipment of Koigu! What's this? They delivered someone else's shipment to you after waiting 6 months for it to come? O.O And you're packing it up to send to the correct store? You mean. (big pause) You're not selling it right now? (Try again next week knitters)

Lastly, those sketchy Crystal Palace circulars have a new sticker on them which says "New Design". Really, that is quite necessary. They really should have come with a guarantee printed on the sticker, too.

1 Commuknity ran out of short Brittany #2 dpns and since I knit tight I went up a size to 3.0mm. I keep tension with a death grip. Really got to change this habit but I always feel a simple wrap on my right pointer is going to fall right off. My tension is insecure and is very clingy to any yarn which crosses its path.

2 If you want to cut and paste the sequence into your comment/whap upside my head, feel free:
|r1|k1|left twist|p2|k2tog|k4|yo|k5|yo|k4|k2tog|p2|right twist|

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