Better English and Japanese Podcasts

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If you haven't been poking into podcasts then you've been missing out.

Octopus Drop Kick/ODK blog is hilarious with all sorts of Japanese Media goodies. I'm always on the lookout for some interesting international music and followed his link to podcastjuice for some great amusement.

InterFM radio has a show called Better English with Catherine

This is hip English. My favorites include:
- お皿ぐらい洗ってよ!(At least wash the dishes.) 
- 訳わかんないエンディングだったよ (The ending was lame.)
- 彼の腕、毛深いねぇ (He has hairy arms)
- 脱毛のアポがあるんだ(I have an electrolysis1 appointment.)  Listen

Conversational hip English indeed. If I meet a Japanese tourist who only knows these phrases, somehow I will be able to point the tourist to the electrolysis salon. Or ask them to wash the dishes.

1 Don't know what electrolysis is? def:electrolysis Yes. Ew indeed. Scientific def


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