Knitting Needles count stitches for you

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While surfing the Make Magazine blog, I came across some high tech knit gear ( yet again )

Smart Needles for Distracted Knitters? tell me more!
KnitWit needles count the stitches for you! Just from measuring the actions of knitting!

Self counting needles are a brilliant concept. The practical streak in me, however, needs to point out that people knit in many different ways. Yes, we all "get the stick through the hole and pull yarn through" but just watching a group of knitters will show you quite a few ways of how we do it. And some do it much faster.

Then I think about the gauge of the needles and how they're straights instead of circulars or double points. What if you combined two circs?

Great concept product all in all.


Sorry I'm commenting on something that has nothing to do with your post... I changed stuff around on blogger, meaning to "rename" my blog and accidently succeeded in changing the URL too. I'm such a doof. I couldn't find your email address when I was emailing everybody to let them know of my screwup, so instead I'm leaving you a comment ;-)

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