10 little toes

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I saw my little nephew yesterday who isn't so little anymore. Despite only being a few months old, he is wearing 6 month or 9 month clothes. This kid was born in April! Whew. Good thing I'm knitting up Trellis for a 1 year old. Maybe he'll need it by fall.

Also, while knitting along and admiring the cute baby, I missed knitting in a buttonhole. Ooops. Put one in later. That'll just be the buttonhole memorialized for the cuteness of my nephew.

sockapal2za_button.gif In other knitting news, I signed up for the Sockapal-2-za
to encourage me to learn to knit socks. Person who will receive my beginner socks, not to worry, I have some master sock knitters around me to help me out. Really. Don't worry. Two. Two socks. Right? I can do this. Sure.


I have faith that you can do the socks! Just remember what everyone tells me... follow the directions for the heel exactly as written. LoL

Kae is right about the heel (at least when you first knit socks), make sure you knit it just as the instructions direct!

Once you start making them, though, they are very addicting!

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