Come here my Precious

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So what do you do with that random expensive skein you bought? Not another scarf, not another hat, not mittenettes. We have a great cute shrug thanks to Glampyre.

One Skein Wonder

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Now, tiny shrugs aren't new, but I'm going to be buying this shrug pattern because it actually has shoulder shaping. I already sit like Quasimodo, I don't need any more help in looking like Egor And face it, any woman who can make a shrug pattern out of ONE SKEIN is a brilliant woman. We should support her so she creates more brilliant patterns. Finally, I have hopes that my expensive one skein wonders will become great cute little shrugs for the summer to ward off air conditioning.

Now just to rootle through my stash. And to find some time to knit this.


my precious? have you submitted to watching/reading the lord of the rings trilogy without robin? gasp

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