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It's the last week and that means all my term projects are due. Yes. It is that time again. Some days I dream about being the student who is such a great self-starter that they're done weeks (WEEKS!) before the term project is due. I gotta work on this. Then sometimes I wonder how, if it weren't an ingrained behavioral aspect but an active pursuit of self-improvement, I'd feel when my teachers would post last minute projects in their own desperate attempts to have enough to base a grade upon. Or to teach us just a little bit more. As you can imagine, heaping more work upon me at the last minute is a bit :/ But isn't this the real world? Isn't this what I'm trying to get prepped for in the world of Grad School?
So, the real thing to want to be is a self-starter who can adapt willing and readily to changing circumstances. Dude, is there even a book on this?

Here are a few things I'm looking forward to after Friday night 7 pm (when my classes end)

  • Vacation!
  • Vacation!
  • Starting in on the Harry Potter Scarf for a mobile project
  • finishing up the Trellis cardigan
  • Searching through stash for the one skein wonder shrug
  • deciding stash doesn't have a one skein wonder shrug in it (though the Debbie Bliss Alpaca might be good... ooh)
  • Vacation!
  • Browsing for sock yarn and needles
  • Hopefully going to a book signing just to tell the author her books are great fun :)
  • Seeing the Ocean! I miss seeing an ocean. (Vacation)
  • Starting a new quarter
  • Finish reading Getting Things Done
  • Mulling over Getting Things Done (how long has it taken me to actually finish this book... Really ironic)
  • Reading a few new Neal Stephenson books
  • Getting back to work on something that isn't related to school.

Took four classes this quarter for 10 units total. Lesson Learned: A two unit class is rarely half the work load of a four unit class. Think more 2.5-3.99 unit class.

And dude, why is it so hard to put in bullets with Mt and/or MT Textile? Other than the html method which would work but requires more typing.


::spies bullet list:: poo-kah

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