I'd rather be knitting

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I have not abandoned my Sway sweater nor have I been knitting anything else. My knitting life has been taken over by my professors who ... Well, let's just say that I've resorted to getting up earlier and time management techniques in order to have a shot of completing some of this massive load of homework.

Sway progress has moved above the front pockets! The pockets had me confused for a while because the first try resulted in an upside down pocket. The second try resulted in a rightside up pocket but I was wondering whether to "place pocket" in the front or the back. I've settled for putting the pockets in the back simply because the instructions indicated that I would need to put 22 stitches on a stitch holder while knitting in the pocket. They don't say to switch back so I'm assuming the pockets/linings go in the back. How I'm going to seam these, I don't quite know. Had I paid more attention in the beginning, I'd have knitted a different pocket style than called for.

Time to get back to the Design Patterns which is not knitting patterns (as my boyfriend cheerfully hoped as do I) but programming with Design Patterns. I'd listen to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy read by Douglas Adams while working on it but I must focus! Waiting to try audiobooks while knitting though!


Nice to see you surface for a few minutes!

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