worlds converge


While reading LifeHacker which is a site promoting shortcuts for everyday productivity, my worlds suddenly convereged! Knit that Photo which referenced another geeky blog I read Make:Blog and their article LogoKnitting I was all whooooaaa. Just when did these geeky techie blogs with mostly guys notice the rise of knit? And Knit tools? But hey, new knit tools always welcome!

But perhaps it was the more socially oriented concept that caught their eye. Make (or rather Phil Torrone of Make Mag, or he with the cutest geek dog who has a proper knitter's response for the ipod sock. Both the dog and the blogger.) says of the KnitPro tool
Handy, it's also part of a larger project called "logoknitting" microRevolt fiber hobbyists use the tactic of "logoknitting" for sweatshop awareness. Logoknitting means knitting a logo into a garment. They knit logos of well known sweatshop offenders, as a way to promote discussion on how advertising, labor, production and consumption relate.

I tried out the tool and it returns your image in a nicely row and stitch numbered grid in easily printable pdf. Very cool!

And what did I say after I realized my worlds bumped into each other? Intarsia. *shudder* Bah. Maybe I will... And thought of yet another of my worlds of neat icons and pixel-graphics that I could churn out in knitwear much like the wristlets in SnB 1 and my favorite space invader wristlet which is on my mental list (gotta go write that down. k). Though it occurs to me now that pixelblocks are a perfect way to fiddle about with color patterns.

Perhaps the world of freecia where geekery meets knit meets Getting Things Done isn't as unique as I thought...