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The sun is out shining and my hard work in setting up a new wireless access point has paid off. I'd guess that most wifi routers are easy set-up for most home networks but my house doesn't have a normal home network. Or maybe it is 'round here where there are more software engineers and at least four different Fry's Electronics in 20 minutes drive. We even refer to them by the decor instead of the location like "Western Fry's" and "Mayan Fry's". If you want the details on how to set up a wifi point with an existing network, read the more section.

First tank top appearance of the year today! Sitting outside in the backyard with npr Prairie Home Companion playing via streaming audio enjoying the happy happy sun. Tea, notebook, wifi, and stack of homework to be done. Life is Grand. For you potential sun-kittens like me, don't forget to wear a hat and some sunblock.

To connect a Netgear WRT54g to an existing hard wired network, here are a few hints
- use the web console default to configure your box.
- wrt54g static ip address (if your main router isn't using DHCP) ought to be the same type you'd assign to one of your computers, like 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x
- leave the advanced routing settings on gateway instead of changing it to router
- Do NOT plug the outgoing ethernet cable (from wrt54g to your router/switch) in the single plug provided for outgoing networks (what the netgear setup documentation states to do). Instead plug it into one of the four ports numbered 1-4.
- set up the wireless encryption first, not last. Something is wrong in the firmware version we have (Jan 2005 edition of firmware) and doing this later might cause the box to deny http web console request for login. This means you wouldn't be able to continue configuring the box or get back in, but the router may work with the settings you've already programmed. If you've gotten stuck like this, reset the box using a pen and pushing the hard reset button on the back for about 5 seconds.

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