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Wonderful Evil Woman

Hollis brought a tiny bit (of what she has available) to the latest knit group meeting. A tiny slice of heaven! Lovely lovely skeins of happy cuddly puppy feelings similar to the warm fuzzies. Aka Alpaca. Do you see that green skein (or two)? I just looked at her and laughed. She might as well have written my name on it.
She even graciously allowed me to drool on the yarn (I didn't really, in case you're afraid of buying yarn with freecia cooties).

And yes, I have a few projects in mind with the new knitty patterns. Branching Out would look great in that bright summerish variegated alpaca.

The website will be opening soon. Hold tight.
Full Thread Ahead


Pretty yarn! Oh, don't you just love the inane comments I sometimes leave at absolutely crazy hours of the morning when regular people would be asleep?

I had the same thought as you - branching out in alpaca. I decided to try one of those green skeins that you liked, but I think my next one will be in a variegated colorway. See the KAL (http://knittybranchingout.blogspot.com/) for an example of a beautiful BO in variegated yarn.

See you soon.

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