TSA please hire literate screening agents with common sense

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At Boing Boing - TSA Screener: 2 book max on flights from original post

The basic gist of it is that some TSA screener thinks you can only bring two books onto a flight with you instead of four (we'll get to this in a second). Okay, on the upside, this makes me wonder which two books I would bring. Probably a long reading classic and something more fun. And an electronic device like my clie or notebook with a recharger for all those other books I'm "sneaking" past the TSA agent because of an oddly phrased rule.

Now on to the part that puzzled me- 1) what in the blue blazes does the TSA agent/ TSA think books pose a threat to? 2) why in the world would there be a limit on how much of a non-threatening object as a carry-on? Will a TSA agent decide that I can only take two pairs of underwear and a single sock, lest I try to strangle someone or run about with my underoos on my head? 3) Just What. What. Why. What. I can only hope that a TSA agent who uses common sense says, "What. What. Why. What?" to this whole book limitation thing.

And sad to say, this was my local airport, San Jose. I've met some fairly nice TSA agents there that didn't mind me taking my knitting and never mentioned the slew of books I pack in my carry-on. Now, I must say that they are fairly nice for TSA agents and are not usually so silly. It might be an ambiguous rule and honestly, I'd like to think of the agents as somewhat friendly at least compared to the prison warden matron esque one I met in vegas who was pushing us through like we were inmates. Or perhaps he/she didn't read the entire sentence (hey, grad student, I'm guilty of this sometimes). Hopefully the screener or management will realize that they need to do a common sense check and read that paragraph again.


I have to say... Wow. 2 books. If I were to bring a Clancy novel or something, that might last through a 3-4 hour flight. I guess I'd be screwed if I had to fly cross country! o.O I swear, now I've heard it all...

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